It’s a natural desire to want to wrap your child in cotton wool and protect them from harm. But while cotton wool might

protect them from sticks and stones, children are just as much at risk of suffering a traumatic event as adults.


Some facts

Among children aged 0-14, almost 2 in 5 have at least one long term condition that has lasted, or is expected to last

6 months or more.*

An average of 583 Australian children (ages 0-14) are diagnosed with cancer each year.*
The leading causes of death among Australian children (ages 1-14) were injuries (34%), cancer (17%) and diseases

of the nervous system (11%).*

If your child suffered a traumatic event, it is natural that you would want to have access the best medical treatment money could buy, anywhere in the world. Have the time off work to be there with them.


Insurance for children

Child Cover pays out a lump sum if a traumatic event were to happen to them. Importantly, you decide how you will spend this payment. While money can’t buy a quick recovery, it can ease financial pressures you may face during an emotional time. Having Child Cover allows you to focus on your family when they need you most.


Zoe’s story

Zoe’s parents thought she had the flu. When the symptoms persisted for some time, they returned to their GP for some

blood tests. The results showed that she had leukaemia. Zoe was in and out of the children’s hospital on a regular

basis and had chemotherapy for twelve months. Finally, after two years, the doctors gave Zoe an optimistic prognosis.

Zoe’s parents suffered a lot of stress and worry during this time, but fortunately, they didn’t have to worry about financial issues as well. They placed a claim on their Child Insurance Policy and shortly after received a lump sum payment.  With the money, they were able to cover:

Mums wages forgiving up her job temporarily so she could fully care for her daughter
hotel stays so Mum & Dad could be close to the hospital
a live-in nanny to look after their other children
a much needed family holiday once Zoe had recovered.

Zoe’s parents were relieved they could give the family all the attention they needed during a very traumatic time.

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* Australian Institute of Health and Welfare 2012. A picture of Australia’s children 2012 Cat. no. PHE 167. Canberra: AIHW.

**Child Cover will pay a lump sum if your child dies or suffers one of the 38 child traumatic events.