While most people have given some consideration to their legacy, most have never put it in writing, and even fewer have established a plan of action.

Most people think of legacies as inheritances they leave in their will; after they are gone. Estate Planning achieves the effective and efficient transfer of wealth to the next generation.

Legacy is a collage of your actions, contributions and achievements. Positive or negative, big or small, what you do, give and accomplish defines your legacy. Legacy Planning helps you discover ways to use your time, talent and money to make a lasting impression on those you love and the causes you believe in.

Living legacies are a hidden gem that few consider or know about. Living legacies can range from philanthropic planning to passing along family values to engaging family and community. They allow you to see the impact your generosity has on your favorite charities, your family, your business and your community. We have a myriad of tools to help you plan your legacy. Legacy Planning, is so much more than Estate Planning.

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