While most people have given some consideration to their legacy, most have never put it in writing, and even fewer have established a plan of action.

Most people think of legacies as inheritances they leave in their will; after they are gone. Estate Planning achieves the effective and efficient transfer of wealth to the next generation.

Legacy is a collage of your actions, contributions and achievements. Positive or negative, big or small, what you do, give and accomplish defines your legacy. Legacy Planning helps you discover ways to use your time, talent and money to make a lasting impression on those you love and the causes you believe in.

Living legacies are a hidden gem that few consider or know about. Living legacies can range from philanthropic planning to passing along family values to engaging family and community. They allow you to see the impact your generosity has on your favorite charities, your family, your business and your community. We have a myriad of tools to help you plan your legacy. Legacy Planning, is so much more than Estate Planning.

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Why Should you Consider Legacy Planning?

Legacy planning is an essential tool that ensures not only the proper distribution of your financial assets but also the preservation and transmission of your values, wisdom, and family traditions to future generations. By engaging in this planning, you can create a strategic roadmap that aligns with your individual goals and ethical principles, providing clear guidance for heirs and potentially minimizing conflicts. It also offers opportunities for philanthropy, allowing you to support causes and organizations that resonate with your beliefs. Whether you own a business or wish to leave behind a personal legacy, this holistic approach provides a structured way to impart your unique footprint on the world, securing your family’s financial future and perpetuating your influence and values long after you’re gone.

More on Legacy Planning

Legacy planning is a comprehensive approach to preparing for the transfer of assets, values, and family traditions to future generations. It goes beyond traditional estate planning by not only addressing the legal and financial aspects of transferring wealth but also focusing on the intangible elements that make up one’s life and beliefs. This might include creating ethical wills, supporting charitable causes, or preserving personal history and family culture. Legacy planning often involves collaboration between legal, financial, and tax professionals to develop a well-coordinated strategy that ensures your assets are distributed according to your wishes, while also conveying your personal values and philosophy to your heirs. It is a holistic way to shape how you will be remembered and how your influence will continue to be felt by your family and community.

What are the Benefits of Legacy Planning

The benefits of legacy planning extend beyond the mere allocation of assets, providing a thoughtful and structured way to pass on both wealth and wisdom to future generations. By encompassing values, beliefs, and family traditions, it helps to maintain a family’s heritage and ethos. It minimizes potential disputes among heirs by clearly outlining intentions and can also reduce estate taxes through strategic financial tools. Through philanthropy, it provides an avenue for making a positive societal impact that aligns with personal convictions. Additionally, in the context of a family business, it offers a clear succession strategy, ensuring a smooth transition that sustains the family enterprise. Overall, legacy planning provides peace of mind, knowing that your financial, ethical, and personal legacy is secured according to your wishes.

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