Effective Retirement Plan

You might notice our new advertisements on the sides of buses cruising around the Camden, Narellan and surrounding Macarthur areas for an effective retirement plan. We’re setting out to help everyday Australians to effectively plan out how they’re going to spend the rest of their days, when the work boots are hung up for that final time. At Grabowski Financial Planning, we’re all about working with you to achieve financial freedom to do what you want, when you want, and with whom you want. It all starts with an effective retirement plan. A few things our expert team can consider with you are:
  • Allocated Pensions – Have you considered this as an income stream in retirement? There are many benefits from not taking all super as a lump sum, including tax benefits, and having regular ‘set and forget’ payments.
  • SMSF- Also known as Self Managed Super Funds, are a solution if you want to run your fund for your own benefit and gives you complete control.
  • Annuities – A great way to help protect you from any risks in outliving your income, and can be made for a fixed term or for life.
  • Property Investing – A great long-term investment which can create some passive income if done right.
  • Age Pension Assessment – Determining whether you’re eligible can impact a lot. We can work with you to make a full assessment of assets and eligibility, and plan around that accordingly
  • Superannuation – When was the last time you drilled down on the ins and outs of your fund?
  • Wealth Accumulation – We can work with you to determine ways of accumulating assets and investing in those that compound over time.
There is much to consider which can become quite overwhelming, which is why recruiting an expert Financial planner should be your first step toward financial freedom and living the life you’ve dreamed of. Contact our team today to book an appointment, and start your effective retirement plan now.






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effective retirement
Effective Retirement