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Our Services

Life Insurance


Grabowski Financial Planning offers life insurance in Campbelltown.
We tailor to your individual financial goals.

Budget Planning


Grabowski Financial Planning offers budget planning in Campbelltown, focusing on optimising your financial resources.

Self Managed Super Funds


Grabowski Financial Planning offers Self Managed Super Funds in Campbelltown, helping you maximise your retirement savings.

Income Protection


Grabowski Financial Planning provides income protection in Campbelltown to secure your financial future.

Business Insurance


We at Grabowski Financial Planning specialise in business insurance in Campbelltown for the stability of your enterprise.

Retirement Planning


Grabowski Financial Planning offers retirement planning in Campbelltown, designed to secure your financial independence.

Trauma Insurance


Grabowski Financial Planning offers trauma insurance in Campbelltown. We provide crucial support during health crises.

Legacy Planning


Grabowski Financial Planning offers legacy planning in Campbelltown. We preserve and transfer your wealth efficiently.

Why We Service Campbelltown

Grabowski Financial Planning offers tailored financial services to the Campbelltown community, focusing on essential areas like life and trauma insurance for family security, and income protection to sustain lifestyles during unexpected events. Our expertise in budget planning and self-managed super funds empowers individuals to confidently manage their finances. For businesses, we provide comprehensive insurance solutions. Additionally, we specialise in retirement and legacy planning, ensuring smooth transitions and the preservation of wealth for future generations. Our commitment in Campbelltown is to deliver personalised, strategic financial guidance.

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More On Campbelltown

Campbelltown, located within the Sydney metropolitan area in eastern New South Wales, Australia, boasts a rich history that dates back to its founding in 1810. Governor Lachlan Macquarie named the town after his wife, Elizabeth Campbell, marking its beginning as a significant settlement in the region.

The indigenous heritage of Campbelltown is deeply rooted in the Dharawal People, who have lived in the area for thousands of years. This heritage is acknowledged and celebrated, particularly in places like the Dharawal National Park in Wedderburn.

The region, originally known for its fertile pastures, gained prominence under the guidance of pioneers like John and Elizabeth Macarthur. John Macarthur was granted 5,000 acres in what was then known as the Cowpastures in 1805, where he played a crucial role in developing the Australian wool industry.

Campbelltown’s growth was significantly influenced by the European settlement of Sydney. Post the European arrival, the area, known for its ‘Cowpastures’ due to straying cattle from Sydney, transformed into a bustling center of agricultural activity. The Macarthur region, named for its renowned pioneers, became a cornerstone for agricultural development, particularly in wool production.

As Campbelltown evolved, it preserved its colonial heritage, evident in the numerous heritage-listed buildings scattered throughout the city. This blend of indigenous culture and European colonial history makes Campbelltown a place of unique cultural significance and a testament to Australia’s diverse heritage.

In the early 1960s, Campbelltown was designated as a satellite city and a regional capital for southwest Sydney. This marked a period of extensive building and population growth, with the government allocating land for public and private housing and industrial development.

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