The lucky country

We are lucky to live in Australia, with access to quality public and private hospitals. Our health care system is largely publicly funded, but unfortunately this doesn’t cover everything. Out-of-pocket expenses such as those associated with diagnosis, treatment and survival can weigh heavily on individuals and families. So without life insurance some of us will face the big Financial Burden (FB).

So what is Cancer? A term for diseases in which abnormal cells divide without control and can invade nearby tissues.

The simple truth is, cancer doesn’t discriminate – children, teens, young adults, adults, recovering cancer patients, the elderly – we are all in cancers line of sight, you don’t need to sign up or take a ticket.

Grim outlook? Possibly. However death rates have fallen by 24% compared to 30 years ago. Medical advancements, early detection and change in lifestyle have all contributed to a decline in death rates. But here’s the kicker – with these advancements comes financial burden.

Understanding the overall potential costs, and putting together a sound financial plan, which includes adequate life and trauma insurance, can play a role not just in treatment, but the mental and physical wellbeing off all involved.